Sunday, July 1, 2012

day 344

To the lovers sitting in the 2nd row
Eager to not miss a single blink
Just missed front row seats by a few fates
Thank you

To the hands of painters
Calloused and dirt poor but rich in the emotion they learn to swim in
Thank you

To the writers
Learning from their words
Writing to teach a few lessons
the truth is right in the softs cracks on your palms
Between the end of your finger nails filled with scratched out lines
And the very face of your finger tips
Kissing and
Making sweet, sweet love to bodies of ink
To the mothers
Sitting in any empty seat
Pregnant with hope
Eyes loving louder than a tuba
Than an untuned timpani
Than a childs broken in harmonica
To the love birds singing hand in hand
Matching missing harmonies
And bass riffs
The do re mi's
Of every dreams theme song
Thank you

To all the dancers
Catching every reflection
In passerbys driver windows
Driving the strive
To live
To grab life by its shoes
Dancing with friendly devils
We are all strangers in a way
Until we dance to the same lyrics
Thank you

To the childhood curfews
Dad never wanted me to see the sunrise with just anyone
I am missing a father
But to the men who never wanted me to see the sunrise with just anyone

Thank you

To the bed bugs
Sucking the dreams out of you
Thank you

To the mice of New York
The wild bears
And deer
And sometimes dandelions
Showing us that captivity can drive the tamest lion insane
Thank you

To the murderers
Of big dreams

You are your own biggest critic.
I'm sorry that your blood, sweat, and tears had been cut short
But thank you

To the friends
Who constantly remind you to chase your dreams
To the ones that got away
With million dollar baby dreams
singing hallejuah at the aisle
Because they can finally marry their dreams
Thank you

To the lovers sitting in the last row
Eager to not miss a single breath
Still truckin
Still driving passion to be inspired
There are times a mile can seem too long and
A few feet sit in shoes unfamiliar
Dont forget the souls that love you
I repeat do not forget why you love so vividly
Why your senses become so alive with just a hint of baby screams
To all the lovers pregnant with hope
Sitting in seats accompanying lonely aisles
Thank you
You mean more than you could ever feel

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