Thursday, July 19, 2012

day 362

Poets are some sort of unknown specimen.
It's the new thing
the new trend
just grab your thoughts
and courage
Be brave
don't choke
don't forget
be brave
show them your soul
don't forget
don't choke on your nerves
the nerves are there for a reason
for two reasons
one to remind you to be scared
be brave but be fearful
don't choke
don't forget your lines
don't forget
don't forget why you wrote this poem
to the thinker behind the words
to the creator
you are a God
you can become your own savior
lose yourself in lost moments
find yourself with your own soul
your groove
you can make people dance
play puppeteer to bad structure
bad grammar
and bad spelling
don't forget
don't forget it doesn't matter
don't forget it will never be perfect
be brave
be who you are supposed to be
be your own creator

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