Saturday, July 7, 2012

day 350

They used to talk about sex like it was disgusting.
Now they talk like they're the first video vixens of our generation
They used to tell me my lack of breasts were a poor excuse for young womanhood
   used to tell me loose denim were for the big boys and the
   used to ask if i dreamed of their loose bodies when i spent time without them
   used to ask why i admired boys who looked like girls and girls that liked girls
and girls that admired girls that looked like boys who looked like boys
This is for the pretty girls who have ever questioned my intentions
There were never any soft stares that made me want to love you
The prettiest girls had the coldest stares
like refrigerator eyes soaking in their frozen souls
Let them thaw
let them soak in best intentions
let them talk about sex to you like they knew you wanted it
let them think you did
let them grow
watch them flourish
let them see you squirm
do not squirm
do not squirm at who laughs at who you love
you love who you love and love that you do
There were only two lovers who shared soft stares with me, soft hair, and soft words. Soft touches. Hard love
too hard to love purely again

We all love for the grime and elbow grease
You just want to cradle the heart of her sleeve between your softly nestled elbow 

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