Monday, July 16, 2012

day 359

Reasons why I love to dance

  1. My body hasn't felt this healthy in avalanches,
    mud slides and tornadoes
  2. Quitting all of my jobs has got to be the best
    decision I've ever made
    I've been able to eat less grease
    drink less sugar
    and think more positive
  3. A clear mind clears gunk in the soul
  4. Dancing enforces shaking the dirt out of my skin
  5. It feels good to be tired for a reason
  6. It feels good when people underestimate me and
    feel proud of me
    when they realize I could do something
    if I just put my mind to it
  7. For a really long time,
    I finally feel together
    all of my mind, body & soul
    with beautiful bass
    with beautiful faces
    with love

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