About me

My name is Princess M. Chan. I am a spoken word poet, as well as musician. I've been able to transform my thoughts and emotions into performance for awhile now.

I enjoy what I do and I'm glad to say that art is my life. I am fascinated in the beauty of growth. Everyday, I am constantly growing to inspire, while seeking inspiration in the cracks of sidewalks, laundromat coin slots, and anything that is anything. 

I started this poetry project after attending the Brave New Voices 2011 festival in San Francisco. Being immersed in a sea of swimming architects during the best days of my life made me realize how much I love poetry. I have found myself. So I welcome you, love. This is my 365 blog. 

Please feel free to comment and follow. These are my sheer thoughts, and I only want to light up minds.

Warmth & comfort